Saturday, August 25, 2007

N 34 / Bisectioned

"There is something dense, united, settled in the depths,
repeating its number..."

From "Unity" by Pablo Neruda
Translated by Clayton Eshleman


polona said...

amazing how you find the most ordinary objects and make them look special

Zé Maria said...

Thank you for your comment on my post about the Crocs.
I wonder how did you understood my words in Portuguese.
Where are you from, by the way?
You can e-mail me on zm.sintra[at]


lowenkopf said...

Those cable spools rock...and give me an idea which I'm even now rushing over to check, camera in hand. Ergo, yes, you unceasingly fuel energy.

Jon said...

Arresting image.
The potential of the supplies; the lumber, the steel, the spools, all held away from us by the fence. Or maybe the fence is a supply too?