Saturday, August 11, 2007

Glass apples

"...plants blossom
like ideas; light glances off the glass..."

From "3 Men: Portraits Without the Human Figure" by Deena Linnett


As I scrunched myself down and up, looking for a well-composed point of view, a scruffy bearded man far back in a parking lot across the street began yelling "Go away! Go away!" at me.

So after a quick click, I went.


Susanna said...


Pedro said...

Glad you had time for the click!

Anonymous said...

You are so clever finding just the right quotes to go with your photos!

lowenkopf said...

I am told with some force by photographers that being driven off by someone with a protectionist attitude is a badge of distinction. By no means whatsoever a photographer, I have been shooed away as though I were one. You are another story, particularly with this. That "scruffy bearded man" was a welcoming committee, welcoming you to the ranks of photographers.
I've discovered that going for a shot of the accuser produces a lovely effect. Not as lovely as this shot, but lovely in its own way.

Lori Witzel said...

Hi everyone -- it's finally Texas-summer-with-a-vengeance out here. I'm about to unleash some caught pixels into the tiny aether of the hard-drive, but before I begin...

Susangelique -- I've driven by that mysterious stained glass work for years, so finally stopped. The bits of workshop I could see were dark, cluttered and chock-full of work in progress.

Marja-Leena -- Nah, not clever, I just tickle the advanced search by keywords on It's the best for serendipitous connections!

Shelly -- Woo-hoo, so I've passed muster as a photographer -- despite not being the least concerned with f-stops, tripods, and owning more than one lens! (I've had friends who are professional shooters patiently explain craft to me, but I don't seem to "get it.") Thanks for the affirming grin! :-)

Jon said...

Try as I may, I can't decode the upside down and backwards banner reflected in the shot.
And I loved that it took the longest seconds to see the apples as apples and not as faces.
And the best bit of all is the weathered sill below the perfcet glass.

annie said...

ah, that right there, the misinteratctions of human kind, is the reason I'm often afraid to be the camera-clicker part of me would like to be. :P

MB said...

Public storage?

Weird story, wonderful post. As usual.