Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2 Much

A little 2 much going on with work and such to share more goodness right now.
And thus I'm a bit blue.

I'm about to lift off and travel for business, but if you have time, find me poems with colors of blue, and scatter URL trails of breadcrumbs in the comments.

That way, we'll all enjoy another kind of (happy) blue, and I'll comment back as I can!

(Sporadic posting until next Friday, but you know I can't stay away for long.)


Reya Mellicker said...

Rothko's versions of blue are not exactly happy, are they? I'm happy to seek out some poetic thoughts about blue, especially for you!

Safe travels, ok?

Anonymous said...

Yves Klein picked a brush full of blue
which he sloshed on a nude, a blonde, who
then lay down on the floor
and the crowd hollered "more!"
of that impossible, happy-filled hue.

Safe travels, Lori.

am said...

Can't you feel that sun a-shinin'?

Groundhog runnin' by the country stream

This must be the day that all of my dreams come true

So happy just to be alive

Underneath the sky of blue . . .

(from "New Morning," by Bob Dylan, 1970)

Blue is the color for the chakra of the throat (voice of the poet).

That was a beautiful "ocean-seen-from-the-moon" blue on your photo from September 11.

I know your poet/artist eyes will be taking in plenty of new images as you travel this week and that you'll find some time for yourself in the midst of business responsibilities.

Susanna said...

I painted my kitchen blue.

Pod said...

i just found this and i love it

Lori Witzel said...

You guys are THE BEST.

Reya -- Thanks my friend, your good wishes warm my heart! Travels start Saturday, and it's been a Bunch of Work getting things set. I look forward to many more shades of blue...cerulean, aquamarine, slate...

Pica -- snork! Gave me a fine grin, that! In the same vein...
Miss O'Keeffe liked to paint chalk-white bones --
she'd set them on desert-sky tones.
Stieglitz was mad
for her floral jihad,
but her Prussian blue just made him moan.

AM -- Thank you for the respite in a lyric, and for reminding me to take a breath, and a moment for myself.

Susangelique -- Wanna come on by and paint ours? :-)

Pod -- C'est magnifique! Oh, how lovely...thank you for finding and sharing that gem.

Marly Youmans said...

Stevens, "The Man with the Blue Guitar"

Pod said...

pleasure! take it easy now