Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sago and ribbed pots

" blurred green summer, lifted
to its apex, succumbed to gravity and fell..."

From "Blur" by Andrew Hudgins


John Eaton said...

Smart, sweet, and sassy, Lori.

Sago sago means hello in a friendly kind of palmiferous way,


lettuce said...

hello lori. I've only just seen your comment on my post of almost a month ago - sorry i am so late returning the compliment.

I love the pot in your previous post, that is exquisite.

And I can't remember whose blog it is from which I know your name and face.... but I recognise john.

anyway, its always (in my experience so far) good to meet another Pratchett fan. Being Granny Weatherwax - that is indeed a very worthwhile ambition.

jarvenpa said...

qgR==(OOPS, had fingers on keys wrong,and then had all caps on) what makes your photos--of which I gulped the past--five or six--all at once--so lovely and satisfying is the texture, I think. There they are, on my screen, apparently all flat and made of light in bits and pieces--but they call to all my senses, especially touch.
And contrasts, beautiful contrasts.
oh, and your word thingie has me going off to Oz. That's nice (it is ozdcyr, a suburb of the emerald city no doubt)