Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yesterday's news

"...I've seen it for myself, their genius—
how they transform the useless..."

From "Darwin's Finches" by Deborah Digges


am said...

Still enjoying your insightful pairing of poems and poets with your photos.

After clicking on your photo today and noticing what I thought were the words "in dropout light" on the pile of old newspapers, I typed the words into Google and came up with two pages with references to voltage regulators. Then I tried "in dropout fight" and came up with a reference to a May 28 article from the Austin American-Statesman called "Creativity a key tool in dropout fight." Amazing!

John Eaton said...

Am's got a good point here.

Lori, you could take an old croker sack and make it beautiful.

Yes, you could,

John :)