Saturday, September 01, 2007


"...I ran when doorways spoke..."

From "At Thirty" by Lynda Hull


lowenkopf said...

All tis time I thought it was a toll booth.

Kristen Robinson said...

It has been way too long since my last visit. As always your photos move and inspire me....your words are lovely Lori.

am said...

I've learned so many new words from you. Now there's a good one -- throughput.

Payne's Gray again on the walls and door frame. I like looking out of doorways at sunlight, shadow and green places.

Laureline said...

I see you gathering up images and lines from the great world and I know you're storing them and processing them. One day we'll see all of this Lorified in paint, in pencil, on paper and canvas.

Granny J said...

An excellent pairing of words and image!

Dave MacIntyre said...

A weird image...the outside world beyond the door like almost like another dimension....from cold dead concrete to living bright green. I love this Lori!