Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Slack, pinned

"...tourbillions in Time made
By the strong pulling of her bladed mind..."

From "On Portents" by Robert Graves

(And...I learn something new every day!)


am said...

Some time back, someone remarked that your photos are like koans. That came to mind again today and yesterday in particular.

"Tourbillions" is a wonderful word. I just learned "euphonium" from my nephew.

When I followed your links I found that "Duirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite" ("I told you I was ill" in Irish) was the epitaph on Spike Milligan's headstone. A man who was instrumental in saving my life in the late 1980s requested that the words "I told you I was sick" be engraved on his headstone. That always makes me laugh when I see it as I walk through the nearby cemetery where he is buried. I had no idea that he was giving a nod to Spike Milligan.

Last, your links led me to order of a copy of THE WHITE GODDESS, by Robert Graves. I first heard of that book in 1967 when my excellent high school English teacher mentioned she was reading it. I have meant to read ever since.

lowenkopf said...

There it is, an entire book filled with our epitaph wish lists. I think I'd like for mine: "Help! Help! A terrible mistake has been made.

jarvenpa said...

And you share what you learn, which is lovely of you.
Although The White Goddess is the one and only book I have ever thrown across a room. I was so annoyed by Graves' statements on why women could not be poets, written at a time when he was living with a fine poet who was a woman.
On my dear mom's gravemarker these words: "to be continued..."

chris miller said...

Why is it that these kind of images find the lens of your camera - but won't come near mine ?

It .. is .. so .. frustrating.

Thanks for link to Graves and Milligan -- perhaps an unlikely friendship -- except that they were both creatives and both wounded combat veterans.