Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A leg up, a leg to stand on

Unfolding myself off the airport floor, I dropped my sketchpad and purse. !@#$%^!

As I fleshed out one leg, the other moved, then she's gone.


And I need a leg up on a class assignment. As usual, I'm having trouble making up my mind.

The assignment? A critical analysis of a work of art having some connection to the topic "Time."

I keep wanting to do something with contemporary ceramics (and yes, I'm pretty drawn to Robert Arneson's self-portraits) because of the fun of a supposedly minor art's relative indestructability over time but...what do you think?


Faff said...

First visit, your pics came up on google image when I was looking for stills from Wings Of Desire". I love your sketches, it's a little infuriating the way people insist on moving when you're drawing them and they don't know.

Going to browse around your blog now.

Anonymous said...

i like the way you have the one guy in slacks's very natural...well done.

Marly Youmans said...

If you do that topic, tell me; I'll send you something!

MjM said...

Hey! This may be important. I think the police are looking for a one-legged woman...

I saw it on TV, I think.