Sunday, June 22, 2008

Across the street

"...clinging at the empty
gilding of a door, she wants
a shower and lather of pumice..."

From "The Wreckage Entrepreneur" by Alice Fulton


As my friend started up her car, I walked around the corner to see what was across the street.


jarvenpa said...

Oh my goodness. My third grade geography teacher would be ashamed of me--I had no idea Galveston was out there on the island-thing until I clicked your link. Or is that an island thing? Should go back and see what is really going on there.
I always love the fading words on the sides of buildings.
And of course your photographic eye.

lowenkopf said...

A keeper. It speaks volumes.

Robert said...

I hope this does not epitimise America. It reminds me though of so many Holiwood movies. I have creative spelling too! Forgive me for being absent for so long.

z said...

This poem describes so many of your photographs! And pumice is the color on the side of the building. From looking at most of your work, I would think you lived in a place of rusted cars and deserted warehouses. But then there were those flowers.

Lori Witzel said...

Hey all y'all -- long work days again, so please forgive my lack of presence around your sites.

Jarvenpa: It is sort of an island-thing, with oodles of interesting history. For turn-of-the-1900s immigrants, it was the major southern seaport point of US access. There are many folks of Lebanese and Jewish descent who disembarked in Galveston and settled in Texas and points north and west.,_Texas

Shelly: I must get back to Route 77 and Giddings, and find a way to get back to Galveston without friend-visits. Both places are chock-full of these sorts of things, but need a full day with the right light (and a belly full of BBQ).

Robert: Well hello! It's great to "see" you again! No, this is not typical of America -- but then, it's hard to say what would be typical of America. I have a particular affinity for these old lonely places, but for me "America" is much more like this --

Writer Reading: A friend of mine once talked to me about my "fascination with the wreck of beauty" but I live in the quotidian USA of shopping malls, and suburban sloughs, and office parks, and bodegas, and garage sales, and greenbelts. I just know where to find the rusty schtuff and the occasional soul-quenching plant or pond.

R.L. Bourges said...

bless Alice Fulton and bless you
(this from the one who hangs out in broom closets must be a karmic thing)

raindog said...

brrravo bravo! i love this. decay and blue skies. oh so nice.