Friday, June 20, 2008

Buick Eight with a tiny extra 5

"...all I wanted was to find an old
friend an old figure an old trigonometry
still true to our story..."

From "Midnight Salvage" by Adrienne Rich


Heading to Galveston this weekend to see an old friend, and to keep an eye out for rust and entropic delights.

Have fun, y'all!
More, soon!


R.L. Bourges said...

such poems! awe strikes me dumb (but not for long)

as for the car...weirder and weirder looking structures out there, huh?

May the laws of thermodynamics yield spontaneous entropic changes for your camera to grab. If they're there, you'll find them, that's for sure. Have a great time in Galveston, Lori.

raindog said...

i always love your shiny vroom vrooms, but i'm also really digging the rusty put put puts.

Bobby D. said...

Adrienne Rich sounds interesting--will check her out today. I found an old car to stare at and photograph yesterday -- and thought of you.

lowenkopf said...

A keeper. Through your photos of cars in various states of rusty dishabille, a voice is emerging whereby the finished, cropped, adjusted, transfered from RAW format to printed image is becoming arguaby, definably you.

Dale said...

:-> An old trigonometry still true to our story.

am said...

Funny, I dreamed that I was driving that rusty Buick south on the San Francisco Peninsula sometime last week!