Tuesday, June 17, 2008

While running errands

"...the silences between the words—
faded yellow dashes on a disused highway. ..."

From "Primitive Road" by Lucas Howell

Like the Lucas Howell lagniappe? See also Dave Bonta's "Ode to a Shovel".


lowenkopf said...

Okay, so you were right about "No knocker," the picture appears in a book with Texas in the title and the viewer sees it as a part of a portrait you are painting, er, photographing. It is of a piece with me arguing that giving a character a name is taking a step to define said individual. Thus, who said there are no doors in Texas such as the one in "No knocker"?

R.L. Bourges said...

wait a minute: if I look under the hood, I find Lucas Howell, MFA student in...Moscow, Idaho?
You know how many Moscows there are?

I now return to my self-imposed inner exile in Moscou-sur-le-Tarn

(love the shot of the jalopy btw)

x said...

How did you sneak a photo of my car?