Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nopal plus tiny bonus spider

After two hours of searching, no poems fit.

I searched on:
nopal poetry
prickly-pear poetry
bonus spider poetry
spiny poetry
Tex-Mex poetry
Luis Omar Salinas poetry
Ko Un poetry

And so the bonus spider goes unescorted, while I go off to sleep.


R.L. Bourges said...

sabra poetry, maybe? (I'll google and let you know what comes up/)

Or: your photo minus the poem will serve as a prompt for someone who will write the bonus spider poem

(sleep well)

Dale said...

:-> G'night.

Granny J said...

Did you try opuntia poetry? Such a lovely picture certainly deserves its own verse...

MB said...

Eliot's Hollow Men?

Unknown said...

I've been to this photo several times, and I'm still not completely sure I'm correctly identifying the spider. It looks very much like part of the plant, if it's the object I think it is. It would be pretty cool to look that naturalized, I think.